What Is A Bandit Sign?

Bandit signs are essentially small variations of the common billboard. They are poster-sized, printed signs that are often used by real estate investors to entice homeowners to sell their homes for money. More often than not, you will see such signs on the streets, with verbiage such as “We Buy Homes for Cash.” Since bandit signs are intended to be the first point of contact between a real estate investor and his or her prospects, their usefulness is correlated with the strategic placement of every sign. Whether they are placed on the ground, pinned on telephone poles, or staked on a street corner, they are meant to catch the attention of people passing by. Despite being coined the ‘bandit’ name by industrial jargon, these signs are essential in developing highly targeted leads.


Why Do They Call Them Bandit Signs?

Where did bandit signs originally get their name? Well, it’s fairly simple, it’s illegal in most states. It is considered littering in a number of states, so checking the legality of bandit signs in your area is essential to making sure you are following the law and benefiting from this marketing tactic. This tactic can bring success to your business, although making sure you do your due diligence is essential to generating potential leads.


Are Bandit Signs Illegal?

Using bandit signs is one of the prominent ways of achieving targeted marketing success. Nonetheless, the main concern about these signs is the legality of their use. This is primarily because most local governments don’t permit their use since they are a violation of city regulations and codes. Before you use bandit signs, therefore, you need to check with local officials to find out the regulations governing sign placement. By doing this, you will ensure that you don’t fall on the wrong side of the law. The legality of bandit signs varies from one city to another. This is because every city has the right to establish its own preventive measures.


How Do Real Estate Bandit Signs Work?

A bandit sign is simply a sign with big letters on it, normally on a colored background, showing that a real estate investor is looking to buy property in the local area. Real estate investors themselves make bandit signs, or they can use the services of third-party printing companies or designers. Then, they are strategically placed in neighborhoods where it is highly probable that homeowners are ready to sell their homes hassle-free to an investor. These signs don’t require a sophisticated design. They simply include:

  • Several words showing the investor’s interest in purchasing houses
  • Contact information

How Much Are Bandit Signs?

Once you’ve decided to proceed with a bandit signs campaign, the next phase would be to develop a budget. Remember, you want to achieve maximum success from your campaign, while limiting your expenses. Therefore, take your time and develop a workable budget within your means. Determine the amount of funds you can commit on a weekly basis without hurting your business. Evaluate the estimated response rate and determine the return on investment. By doing this, you will be able to justify the amount of money you may use on the campaign.


Where Can I Buy Bandit Signs?

There are a plethora of places you may purchase bandit signs that are easily customizable online and most of the work is done for you. Here are some places you can customize and buy bandit signs near you:

  • Amazon.com
  • Walmart.com
  • Supercheapdesigns.com
  • Signsonthecheap.com

Where Can I Buy Blank Bandit Signs?

Blank bandit signs range in price, whether you are trying to purchase one or purchase in bulk. You can find the best blank bandit signs in your local store. However, below are some online stores that will give you the best deals on these products:

  • Buildasign.com
  • BanditSigns.com
  • DirtCheapSigns.com
  • Primoprint.com

How To Make Bandit Signs?

Bandit signs are made out of two major physical components: The stake and the sign. The stake is made with metal, and features prongs that help to hold the weight of the sign. Blank bandit signs are made out of corrugated plastic. This makes it possible to hang them on wooden surfaces using a bandit sign stapler. The typical bandit sign size is 18 by 24 inches, or 12 by 18 inches, and is 4 millimeters thick.

Where To Put Bandit Signs?


For a fact, you will not achieve maximum success with your bandit sign campaign if you don’t place signs in high-traffic areas. However, before you pick an area to put up bandit signs, make sure you check with local authorities to find out regulations regarding placements on the areas you have identified. Some of the best places to position your bandit signs include:

  • Public Medians
  • In Busy Intersections
  • In Front Of The Property You Have Bought
  • In Front Of Shopping Centers

How To Hang Bandit Signs

You want to put up bandit signs, but you don’t want to be caught breaking the law, right? Below are some of the tips that you can use to remain safe:

  • Put Signs Out At Night
  • Place Signs On Friday Evenings
  • Hang Two Variations And Test The Results
  • Don’t Flood One Area With Signs

How Many Bandit Signs Should I Put Out?


You can put up as many bandit signs as you want, considering that most of them will be pulled down, vandalized, or go missing for some reason. Nonetheless, there are some questions you should ask yourself before you put up your signs: How many calls am I able to handle? What is the size of my target market? Look – if you put 1000 signs throughout the city, would you be able to handle all the calls that will come as a result? You should start slowly and put up a few signs strategically in your target area. Then, start adding more without overwhelming yourself. When one is pulled down, be quick to replace it. This practice will show your prospects that you have a continued presence and not a ‘fly-by-nighter.’

Bandit Signs For Wholesaling

Bandit signs aren’t just useful for real estate investors. They are useful if you want to wholesale real estate. Just like other investors may use bandit signs to promote their business, bandit signs for wholesaling can increase visibility and generate leads if done correctly.

Final Thoughts On Bandit Signs

Every real estate investor needs to determine if bandit signs are a worthwhile marketing tool for their business. The best place to start is by looking at the laws governing these signs in your locality. Then, find out what the fines are so that you can be able to weigh the risk vs the benefits. Without a doubt, this is a tricky method to navigate, but most real estate professionals swear that the tactic generates viable rewards. If you incorporate some of the tips and insights provided in this article, you should have your phone ringing before you know it. In case bandit signs are strictly outlawed in your locale, there are a host of other alternative methods you can try including social media, search engine advertising, Multiple Listing Services (MLS), lead generation software, and direct mail. Best of luck!