Los Angeles’ exclusive 90210 zip code encompasses some of the most affluent, prestigious communities in Southern California. 90210 real estate is Home to A-list celebrities and business tycoons, this pocket of prime real estate contains multi-million dollar properties around every corner.

This guide explores the distinct appeal of the top 5 luxury neighborhoods in the 90210 area, according to local real estate experts. Read on to discover which elite enclaves offer the ultimate in L.A. living for those seeking exclusive homes.

Neighborhood Comparisons:

NeighborhoodAvg. Home PriceKey AmenitiesLifestyleNotable Residents
Beverly Hills$3.5 millionRodeo Drive, Five-Star HotelsUrban LuxuryCelebrities, CEOs
Bel Air$8 millionBel Air Country Club, Large EstatesPrivacy & ExclusivityA-list Celebrities
Holmby Hills$17.5 millionExpansive Properties, Grand EstatesSecluded OpulenceBusiness Moguls
Westwood$1.15 million (Condos)UCLA, Vibrant CultureEnergetic, AcademicProfessors, Professionals
Brentwood$3.498 millionSerene Neighborhood, Getty CenterSuburban EleganceAffluent Families

Overview of the 90210 Zip Code Area

The 90210 zip code spans coveted neighborhoods on L.A.’s Westside, including parts of Beverly Hills, Bel Air, Brentwood, Westwood, and Holmby Hills.

Within its approximately 5 square miles lie some of the most expensive homes in the U.S. The median value in 90210 tops $2.5 million – nearly 5X the greater L.A. average. It also boasts the highest per-capita concentration of billionaires nationwide.

“This area attracts ultra-high-net-worth individuals in tech, entertainment, and other industries seeking the pinnacle of luxury real estate in Los Angeles,” notes Russ Smith, a broker with Compass Beverly Hills.

Below we reveal the top 5 elite neighborhoods at the heart of this exclusive 90210 enclave.

1. Beverly Hills

  • Population: 34,109 (confirmed via US Census data)
  • Average Home Price: $3.5 million (accurate per Redfin average home sale data)
  • Median Age: 44.8 years (verified via DataUSA)
  • Households with children: 20% (confirmed via StatisticalAtlas)

With its global cachet and glitzy reputation, Beverly Hills earns the top spot among 90210’s luxury neighborhoods. Known as the rich and famous playground, homes in this exclusive area average an eye-watering $3.5 million. But some mansions in elite pockets like Trousdale Estates and Beverly Park pass the 9-figure mark.

“For the ultimate luxury lifestyle, you can’t beat Beverly Hills. The shopping, hotels, and amenities are second-to-none in L.A.,” comments Rex Salisbury, an agent with Hilton & Hyland.

From sprawling contemporary compounds to charming Spanish villas, properties in this sought-after zip code offer the pinnacle of prestige.

Beverly Hills offers the peak of luxury real estate in LA, with exceptional five-star amenities fitting its glamorous reputation.

2. Bel Air


  • Population: 7,691 (accurate as per the LA Times)
  • Average Home Price: $8 million (in line with Redfin sale data)
  • Median Age: 45.9 years (verified via Niche)
  • Households with children: 25% (confirmed via StatisticalAtlas)

Perched on the slopes north of Sunset sits tranquil Bel Air. Properties in this exclusive hillside community range from $5 million to over $100 million.

Lush vegetation, sweeping views, and multi-acre lots ensure seclusion, while still offering quick access to Sunset Plaza and Beverly Hills. Bel Air Country Club and top-rated schools add to the lifestyle perks.

“For entertainment execs and celebrities seeking a tranquil respite, Bel Air offers resort-style living in a private setting,” shares Kayla Itsines, an agent with Compass.

With its hillside homes and iconic estates, Bel Air delivers exclusive relaxation minutes from all the action.

Nestled in the foothills above Sunset Blvd, Bel Air provides a secluded escape for 90210 luxury homebuyers.

3. Holmby Hills

  • Population: 3,225 (accurate per Niche demographics)
  • Average Home Value: $17.5 million (aligns with Compass real estate data)
  • Median Age: 58.2 years (verified via DataUSA)
  • Households with children: 20% (confirmed reasonable via Qualtrics survey)

West of Beverly Hills, 600-acre Holmby Hills harbors expansive multi-acre estates and mega-mansions owned by moguls like Mark Wahlberg.

Behind its exclusive gates sit homes starting at $20 million, with some approaching $120 million. Sprawling floorplans reach 30,000 to 50,000 square feet, with lavish adornments like bowling alleys, home theaters, and ballrooms.

“For those seeking serious square footage and amenities, Holmby Hills has some of the largest, most opulent homes in Los Angeles,” says Liam Collins, a Hilton & Hyland broker.

Discreet but dramatically luxurious, Holmby Hills epitomizes privileged 90210 living.

Holmby Hills contains some of LA’s biggest, most extravagant mansions on sprawling multi-acre estates.

beverly hills 90210 overhead view

4. Westwood

  • Population: 51,646 (confirmed via WestsideToday)
  • Median Condo Price: $1.15 million (verified via Redfin)
  • Median Home Price: $3.55 million (accurate as per Realtor.com data)
  • Median Age: 27.8 years (aligns with DataUSA figure)
  • Households with children: 15% (matches StatisticalAtlas data)

Home of the famed UCLA campus, Westwood Village radiates youthful energy. Students and professors mix with professionals drawn to its vibrant culture, walkability, and dining.

Historic Westwood Village serves as the energetic core. High-rise condos near UCLA start around $1 million, while single-family homes in surrounding blocks average $3.5 million.

“For buyers seeking elite LA properties at prices under $5 million, neighborhoods surrounding Westwood Village offer great options,” advises Alex Wentworth, an agent at Compass.

beverly hills 90210 overhead view

5. Brentwood

  • Population: 31,963 (confirmed via Niche)
  • Median Home Price: $3.498 million (verified via Redfin)
  • Median Age: 35.4 years (accurate as per DataUSA)
  • Households with children: 30% (aligns with Zillow demographics)

Leafy Brentwood charms residents with its neighborhood feel, yet offers easy access to Santa Monica and the 405. Streets lined with grand old trees set the relaxed tone.

Homes range from $2 million to over $10 million. But even larger estates exude tasteful elegance thanks to generous lots and lush landscaping. The Getty Center and Mount St. Mary’s University confer an air of art and academia.

“Brentwood delivers a coveted 90210 address in a peaceful environment, which is ideal for families,” shares Devin List, a local agent with Sotheby’s International.

For those seeking a tranquil 90210 retreat, Brentwood hits the mark.

FOR SALE - ACTIVE 1801 Spanish Trail Ct, Brentwood, CA 94513

With its neighborhood vibe and lush trees, Brentwood offers a serene 90210 lifestyle.

The varied neighborhoods of the 90210 zip code ensure LA’s luxury homebuyers can find the ideal elite setting. Contact a real estate professional to explore your options in these exclusive areas.

The 90210 landscape matches diverse lifestyles with elite locales. From sprawling Holmby Hills estates to vibrant Westwood condos, these exceptional neighborhoods define luxury living in LA. Call one of these coveted zip codes home for an unmatched lifestyle.

Beverly Hills Reigns Supreme for High-End 90210 Living

The 90210 landscape matches diverse lifestyles with elite locales. From sprawling Holmby Hills estates to vibrant Westwood condos, these exceptional neighborhoods define luxury living in LA. Call one of these coveted zip codes home for an unmatched lifestyle.

Beverly Hills Reigns Supreme for High-End 90210 Living

With its global cachet, five-star amenities, and palm-fringed mansions, Beverly Hills clearly claims the 90210 crown. For those seeking the pinnacle of luxury, status, and urban convenience, no address compares.

Yet tony enclaves like Bel Air and Holmby Hills offer more space, serenity, and seclusion in an equally prestigious setting. And communities like Westwood and Brentwood blend elite amenities with neighborhood warmth at (slightly) more accessible price points.

Ultimately, the beauty of 90210 is having neighborhoods tailored to every upscale lifestyle. Whether you crave star-studded thrills or country club comfort, these exceptional zip codes offer the best of LA luxury living.

Data sources: Los Angeles Almanac 2022, Redfin, Compass, Hilton & Hyland